Sexuality and U


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Scenarios for Parents

Sex and sexuality are a discovery process. For each of us there are bound to be a few awkward, embarrassing or difficult moments along the way.

There are no “right” or “wrong” ways to respond to the hypothetical situations below, but it might help to put yourself in this situation and think “what would I do in this situation?”

  1. A condom falls out of your son’s jacket pocket
  2. Sexual exploration with another child
  3. You discover a magazine with pictures of naked women
  4. You discover your child is visiting pornographic sites on the Internet
  5. You notice your child is touching their genitals a lot
  6. Your child and touching sexual parts of adults
  7. Your child loves to take their clothes off
  8. Your child and talking about sexual topics
  9. My daughter has missed her period.  Is she pregnant?
  10. My daughter’s boyfriend is much older than her