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Sexual Health

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Going to the Doctor


Your doctor (or a nurse or any healthcare professional) is a great source of information. Sex comes with a lot of health risks like STIs, so a doctor is an excellent person to speak to about your concerns.

If you’re thinking about having sex in the near future, you should probably discuss birth control options and STIs with your doctor or a nurse. It’s really important to know about these issues before you become sexually active, so that you have the control of preventing unwelcome surprises before it’s too late.

If your doctor seems embarrassed by the conversation, or if you don’t feel like he or she is offering complete and valuable info, it might be time to look for a doctor who can respond to your new needs. Or, if you don’t feel comfortable bringing up these issues with your doctor, you may want to consider seeing someone at a birth control/family planning clinic. Often, schools will also have health centres that you can turn to. A pharmacist is also a good source of sexual health information.