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Female Condom

What is it?

The female condom is a polyurethane sheath in the shape of a round, upside-down baggie inserted into the vagina before sex. The baggie holds in the sperm, preventing it from entering the vagina.

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It’s the only contraceptive controlled by girls that protects them against pregnancy and STIs. Used perfectly, the female condom has a failure rate of 5%.


Some girls may have trouble inserting it correctly, and it may make a “rustling” sound during sex. They can also be expensive.around $3 each.

Where to find it?

You can pick one up at a drugstore or at a family planning clinic.


If the female condom makes a rustling sound during sex, try changing your position. Otherwise, add some lubricant inside, which may calm the sound and stop it from disturbing you.

How Female Condoms work

The female condom is like a thin plastic “baggie” that fits upside-down in the vagina. The closed end is held inside by a flexible ring attached to the condom, and a larger ring holds the open end outside of the vagina. The pouch collects semen and prevents it from entering your vagina.

The Good: It protects against most STIs, it can be inserted up to 8 hours before sex, and it’s a great option for couples who are allergic to latex.

The Not-So-Good: Initially, it’s a bit of a pain to insert them correctly (but keep trying!), and you have to careful to make sure the guy’s penis doesn’t slip in around the outside ring, pushing the condom aside. Don’t forget to remove it after sex, before you stand up. They’re also more expensive then male condoms.

The Great: Female condoms are easy to get. Check your nearest drugstore, or drop by your local family planning clinic to get one.

How to use a Female Condom

How to use a female condom Step 1 (Bilingual)

Carefully remove the condom from its package.

How to use a female condom Step 2 (Bilingual)

One end of the condom will have an opening for the penis to enter. This end will remain outside the vagina.

How to use a female condom Step 3 (Bilingual)

Squeeze the flexible inner ring at the closed end of the condom. 
How to use a female condom Step 4 (Bilingual)

Some women find it comfortable to insert the condom while standing with one leg raised,

How to use a female condom Step 5 (Bilingual)

or you may find it more comfortable to insert the female condom while squatting or lying down.

How to use a female condom Step 6 (Bilingual)

While squeezing the ring, insert the closed end of the condom into your vagina. 
How to use a female condom Step 7 (Bilingual)

Placing your index finger inside of the condom, gently push the inner ring into your vagina as far as it will go. Be careful not to twist the condom.

How to use a female condom Step 8 (Bilingual)

The outer ring of the condom should remain outside of the vagina. Placing lubrication inside of the condom may help keep it in place during sex.

How to use a female condom Step 9 (Bilingual)

Make sure his penis enters inside the female condom, not to one side. The female condom should not be used with a male condom. 
How to use a female condom Step 10 (Bilingual)

When removing the condom after sex, twist the outer ring so that no semen leaks out during removal.

How to use a female condom Step 11 (Bilingual)

Throw the used female condom into the garbage. Do not flush it down the toilet. Do not reuse the condom.

It’s no wonder that so many people use condoms. Protecting yourself from STIs is really important and, if you’re going to have sex, condoms are your best bet at staying safe. They’re also cheap and really easy to use.