Sexuality and U


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Grade 9-12


Creating a Board Game on Postponing Sex
(A long-term WebQuest suitable for grades 9-12)

In this lengthy WebQuest, a group of students will prepare a board game that has cards (or visits to selected web pages) that test skills, knowledge and other choices that relate to deciding to postpone sexual intercourse. This WebQuest could be done as a class project and will require several students to complete. A plan and tips on how to prepare such board games are provided and students are expected to follow that process using sexual health information, decisions and scenarios that young people will face.
Contraception Basics
(A short-term WebQuest suitable for grades 9-12)

In this WebQuest students test their own knowledge about contraception with an online, interactive quiz. They follow-up by conducting a survey of their classmates and preparing a report on their findings. Selected readings and other on-line activities help the students to think about the choices that are best for them.